A few pricing scenarios to exemplify how we do it...

Fossil-fuel-free & kindered spirit:

A single person pedaling their bike across the country, spends 2 whole weeks with us in the Loft.

$60 (1st night) -$10 (no Fossil Fuels getting to B/D area) -$5 (no F-F getting to our home) -$5 (no drive on driveway)
$45 (2nd nt) -$5 (F-F) -$5 (dw)
$41 (3rd nt) -$5 " -$5 "
$38 (4th) -$10 (etc)
$36 (5th) -$10
$35 (6th) -$10
$25 (7th)
... ... ...
$25 (14th)
$385 for their entire stay
(amounting to $27.50/nt)

Somewhere in the middle:

A single person takes the train to Denver, takes a bus from there to Boulder, where we scoop them up with an electric tandem bicycle and cargo trailer. They rent a bicycle for a couple of days, and spend 3 nights in total, in a Bedroom.

$60 (1st night) -$5 (bus/train discount) -$5 (driveway) +$5 (bedroom)
$45 (2nd nt) -$5 (no car) -$5 (no driveway) +$5 (bedroom) +$2.50 (bike rental)
$41 (3rd nt) -$5 (" ") -$5 (" ") +$5 (") +$2.50 (")
$136 for their stay
(amounting to $45.33/nt)

At the high end:

A couple flys to Denver, rents a car, drives to our home, drives up the driveway, and spends just one night. They also make an extra excursion into town by car that evening. They opted for a Bedroom (-vs- Loft). And they made their booking through AirBnB. Oh... the icing on the cake?... They invite their friend over (who lives here in Boulder) for visit ... their friend drives up the driveway too. {Sheesh}

$60 (1st night) +$10 (extra person / nt) +$5 (extra drive) +$5 (extra driveway use) +$5 (bedroom)
+$5 (friend drives over) +$5 (...and up the driveway)
+3% (booking through Air')
$97.85 for their short stay
(amounting to $97.85/nt)

But they're totally happy because that's still less than any motel in Boulder, and the view from the deck is waaay worth it.