'Seeking seriously eco-conscious individuals or couple to share a very unique home & lifestyle.
'Urge you to read this entire post before responding.

Hello, i'm Karl, an IT-guy, working a 1/2-time gig with the University in June. 'Been around Boulder for a long while. You can snoop my Projects page, to learn more about what i'm into, if you like.

The home is technically not "off-the-grid" but folks seem to often describe it that way, and it does have similar characteristics. We're located in a beautiful, peaceful, sunward-facing canyon setting off the base of Lee Hill in NW Boulder, barely into the foothills. It employs passive and active solar thermal. A grid-tied solar PV-electric system (w/ battery backup) that produces a net supply to the grid. Rooftop water harvesting system. Composting toilet. And a greywater recycling system. The house is a partial straw bale structure. Has a loft for guests. Spacious deck area. Terraced garden beds. "Multi-species" bird coop (fresh eggs!). Detached sleeping "Shedroom". A solarium/greenhouse is in the works, and more coldframes are in the cards too. 'All employing permaculture practices. Excellent broadband internet with WiFi. Some limited storage space. Wonderful views.

The home tends to be warm & comfortable in the winter, rather than marginally or wholly cold &/or exorbitantly expensive* like you can probably otherwise expect elsewhere. Likewise, tends to be cool & comfortable in the summer, with "passive AC".
* Of course that situation is only going to get worse, moving forward.

Running with just 3 humans in this domicile, would be most prudent.
'Seek gender balance in the home, as well as maturity.

Strongly preferring car-free soul(s) since routine motoring is unsustainable and your car-free status would unambiguously indicate your commitment, which may otherwise be difficult to gauge in advance. 'Would also like to avoid having the place look like a parking lot by having multiple cars sitting around.
A cooperative solar-electric car-sharing option is negotiable (TBD).
Close enough to town & a mellow grade make it entirely bike commutable. It's 1.75 miles to the intersection of Broadway & Lee Hill, in NW Boulder where the Skip & 204 bus routes reach. Fairly easy hitching / car-pooling to-n-fro.
If you're not already well-practiced at getting around w/o driving, it probably wouldn't work-out for you. Here's one proposed scheme for people coming-with/utilizing a car: The PPTax. What do you think?

Pets?... we have some already that provide eggs, abundant entertainment, fertilizer, & need to roam freely w/o fear of fangs, etc.. I have a beautiful 13 year old, alpha-bitchy(to other canines)-female Malamute, Sitka. While we'd love a feline, they don't work in this house. A well behaved dog is ever-so-slightly possible, but an additional expense, and unless yours is an un-neutered male, Sitka will not make them feel at home.

'Not able to share the home with smokers: Not just "smoking", but smokers & those smells that linger.
Also not able to share the home with stoners. Occasional tokers, that's fine, but constant stoners?... nah.

What we're looking for is engaged participation in sustainable & cooperative living, and not merely renting a room. We do a CSA share with a local farm. Looking to frequently share meals, knowledge, insights, discoveries, stories, music, typical chores, atypical chores, & projects.
While we're talking about chores, understand that they're not trivial, and are non-optional ... we shall endeavour to share the domestic workload ~equitably.

Rent could be as little as $500 for an individual (firm). Utilities are included.
There's also the CSA share & eggs / bird-feed to negotiate.

Some significant but limited opportunities for work-trade depending on a variety of factors. One definitely shouldn't count on it to make the monthly rent ...too many variables.

Availability is ~flexible.
We sometimes do some short-term rentals via Craig's "Vacation Rentals" and "Sublets & Temporary" sections, as well as AirBnB. 'Helps fill the void until the right long-term housemate(s) come along.
We're patient & determined. Please don't try to rush us into some sort of quick decision. I've found it best that prospective housemates come in on a "prospective basis" for the first couple of weeks, and moreover pay an up-charge (short-termer rates) that's refunded incrementally over the next 6 months, but otherwise partially forfeited if you don't stay that long.
Renters are expected to sign a written agreement & pay those first two weeks, plus the deposit ($500) in advance.

'Appreciate sincere inquiries from folks who're looking for just this sort of situation.
When you write, please include enough pertinent info about yourself so that we can readily distinguish you from 'bots, else we simply will not respond. Thanks. Please write to:

'Looking forward to meeting you... you're rare!

Lot's of photos here.