I desire to share my home
with people that "get it!"

'Already immersed in a brain-dead society
that clearly does not get it.

Alas, most of the inquries i get are from folks that say something like "I work for a living and need my car...". OK, fine, i work for a living too, and have nevertheless organized my life such that only very rarely --maybe a few times a month or so-- do i "need" a car to do my business. It's certainly not my routine to drive. {BTW, i don't fly anymore either... sorta like driving, but instead, you're doing it for hundreds or thousands of miles at a whack. 'Trying to mostly be content right where i am, here & now! This conversation here though, is about driving and sharing my home...}

People may still be interested in living here, even though they do know that they'd occasionally drive. So i've instituted something i call the "PPTax", for "Persuasion-Pacification Tax". It works like this... there are actually 2 separate components:

  • a nominal & non-optional driveway maintenance fee (if/when the shared driveway is utilized)
  • the PPTax itself (based on number of occasions driven)

    A housemate tracks their driving instances on a Google calendar. I've done this for myself, in times past. It's easy. Monthly, we reconcile rent, groceries, and any project work that you may have engaged in that past month. We also tally up the occasions you've driven, occasions you've utilized the shared driveway, and total miles driven. For the latter, you identify a preferred & vetted CO2 off-setting plan to contribute to. The driveway maintenance fee is what it is ($0.50/trip-up is about right).

    The PPTax piece is calculated like so:

    PPTax = $1 x (drives-to-house-per-month)2

    If one were to actually drive nearly every day of the month, it becomes a figure with some good bite to it. Clearly one doesn't want to be paying crazy sums like that routinely. In this monitary way, if you're not Persuaded to leave a car mostly parked, i'm at least Pacified, hence the name, "PPTax".

    Don't panic!... if you really only rarely drive, it's not a big deal. Plug some numbers in, and see how it looks. You'll see that small numbers of drives per month don't amount to much of anything, but that it escalates and becomes expensive if someone's driving routinely. Also, if you have people (SOs, clients, friends, family, pizza delivery, etc.) driving up, we count their trips as your own, and endeavor to avoid it, in favor of non-fossilized transport. Just try to understand and appreciate the exponential nature of it.
    Note that to keep it somewhat simpler (but not w/o significance), i attach a monitary value to trips made by short-term guests too.

    The bottom line is that i'm generally not willing to share my home with people that mindlessly drive all the time as their matter of routine. 'Got neighbors that do that (to extreme excess!), and it mortifies me, honestly.

    Inevitably, some come along and say, "I drive a hybrid" or "I burn bio-diesel" ... ok, we can talk about it, and do some investigative math (hopefully you've done so already, and know the facts), but don't expect too much consolation, 'cuz you're not really doing the planet much of a favor (-vs- the~norm).
    'Have your own plug-in e-vehicle? That's great! While i do say "utilities included", i'm not providing for your transport, so we'd meter/account-for consumption (though i'd let an e-bike slide because they're so relatively trivial). There'd still potentially be driveway maintenance to account for.

    In fact, in Nov of '15, i did procure a little Mitsubishi i-MiEV e- car. 'Love it, as it's effectively solar powered. But i do note that it takes something like roughly 6 to 9 times more energy than an e- bike to cover similar ground. So i'm mostly just using it on days with inclimate weather, or to cover a more significnt distance with gear, etc.. It could be shared with housemates... TBD. I'm all about making life more sustainable, not just for myself, but others too.