...the notion started out to mostly be just that.

We have a big pile of composted human & canine poop. "Poop-post".
What to do with it all? Sometimes it gets used when planting a tree.
But eventually, we need to tighten the loop, and use it in the garden.

By pastuerizing it, or perhaps better yet, "biochar-ing" it,
it could be incorporated right into garden bed soils, sequestering carbon &
enhancing the soil's overall fertility & water retention capabilities.

And then i got to thinking:
It's only going to be used to cook compost perhaps a few days out of the year.
What about the rest of the time?!?

Some years back, i discovered these folks
while i was shopping for a Sterling Engine to run a generator...
...pretty cool, aye?!

the 8 dish petals
it's a 10' diameter satellite TV dish, that i put a reflective mylar coating into

the steel frame that supports the dish / petals