Elder-talks about the Great Depression

The idea here would be to post text, audio, perhaps video of conversations with our very senior-most citizens who are still sharp in their memory of the Great Depression.

However, time is not working in our favor. These folks are generally pushing 90+ years.

This is something that i'm doing now, but i'd like to open it up so that others could post conversations of their own. So far, i''ve only met with a handful of folks during the lunch hour at the Boulder Senior Center, and another elder-care facility.

While having some downtime between work assignments, i've volunteered for Boulder Meals on Wheels. They're based out of the Boulder Senior Center, and i'm hoping that i might perhaps meet some more old-timers thata way & do some interviews.

Oh, this was cool ... on Bob Edwards Weekend radio program he had a piece over the Christmas weekend (2010), talking with this fellow, Ted Gup, who wrote a book recently, A Secret Gift: How One Man's Kindness -and a Trove of Letters- Revealed the Hidden History of the Great Depression. 'Definitely be reading that.

My aunt, Henrietta Bodlak, of NE Nebraska, sent me a nice letter, wherein she describes her recollection of that era.

Interview questions might include:

When were you born?
Where did you live at the time?
When did you first realize that something was "wrong"?
What was it like for them and their family?
Were you ever hungry?
When was it apparent that the situation was improving?
'Go wherever the conversation leads. Let these people tell it.