Reiner Stemme is already onto building one...
He stole my great idea!

Sept. '17, having flown to Moriarty from Boulder!

The sailplane (N151JW) burns fossil fuel today. But i'm serious about replacing it's internal combustion engine with an electric motor, batteries, and some PV on a hangar. Perhaps some PV on the ship itself is eventually in order.

A typical launch now lasts a few to a few 10s of minutes, but that's generally climbing at a "high-burn rate". Cruising at, say 75 knots can be done at a much lower rate of burn.
If i can get a good, high launch, plus keep some battery in reserve for a "save" or two, without spewing any CO2, that'd be sweet.

The Stemme S10 is quite a sailplane, and not a bad aeroplane (all things considered),
but motoring around really isn't my thing.

Electric aviation is really taking off, and i want to be a part of it.