Sorry, short-term rentals on hold,
pending subsidence of the CoVID pandemic!

The 'Gap, Eco-Lodging

Offering transcontinental bicyclists & others (hopefully also shunning fossil-fuelishness) a comfortable & eco-conscious place to stay in the close-in foothills of Boulder, Colorado ...bicycling hub of the known universe!

There are certainly other lodging options already well established in town, but we don't see anyone specifically catering to "alt-mode-sts" with favorable rates.
And while it's great to see other places making serious strides to be eco-conscious, we believe you'll agree that we're offering something truly unique & special.

'Very close to town, yet very quiet & peaceful, comfortably beyond the din of the urban jungle.

'Especially interested in hosting folks that are able to arrive & get around by alternative / non-fossil-fueled means. That's how we get around as a matter of routine, and we're really thrilled to host others that do the same! We look forward to meeting you & hearing about your adventures!
We can still accommodate others ... but w/o the favorable discount.

'Have a bicycle or two to rent very inexpensively ($2.50 per day).
Just be aware that we're at 6000' elevation. It's 1.75 miles to the nearest bus stop (look up RTD's "Skip" or "204" local bus routes), or 5.5 miles from downtown, and a gentle uphill grade (on average) from there to here. If you're coming directly from sea level, you may find yourself sucking wind.

'Presently have our Loft and a couple of Bedrooms to share. The former is a cozy space w/o door, accessed via an airy (scary?) ladder, and has a full-sized bed. The Bedrooms both have queen-sized beds.

2nd Bedroom, slightly smaller than 1st Bedroom, but of similar layout

The Loft ... best view in the house

'Sometimes have fresh, home-laid eggs & garden veggies available, and those are "on the house" in respectful moderation. We prefer to share food & meals whenever possible. There's really no extra space available for people to have their own "separate stash" of food items ... we share & try to avoid redundancy, clutter, & kitchen/dinning anarchy. In so sharing, we expect & appreciate that guests pitch-in accordingly with food costs & efforts. Likewise, check-in with us first before bringing bunches of food-stuff (that we may already have) to the house. We buy organic & local, whenever possible, and particpate in an organic veggie CSA share. We can't promise to prepare you a breakfast ala "B&B", but if it works out timing-wise that we can, great! You're welcome to use the kitchen without smoke/stink/slime -ing up the place, and with common sensibility about cleaning up after yourself, but again, let's see if we can coordinate on meals. To be clear, this isn't a "hostel" scenario where you should expect to be autonomous with respect to residents & other guests, it's a much more "communal" arrangement.

dining & kitchen area

'Want to see more?... Please have a look at our home's
Photo Slideshow

Our rate structure
--yes, very unconventional--
looks like so:

1st night: $75   (single, in Loft)
2nd: $50
3rd: $46
4th: $43
5th: $41
6th: $40
... ...and thereafter stays flat at $40/night

subtract $10 off your first night's stay if you arrived in Boulder/Denver area w/o fossil fuel (or -$5 if by bus/train)
subtract $5/night for car trip avoided, arrive under human power, no taxi, friend, shuttle drop-off, etc., -or- your car goes un-utilized all day (or of course, not having a car here at all)
subtract $5/night for not utilizing driveway & parking below at mailbox (-vs- above at house)
add $5/trip for additional car trips (beyond once-in per day), and
add $5/trip for additional use of driveway (again, beyond once-in per day)
add $10/night for additional person
add $5/night for Bedroom (-vs- Loft)
add 3%, plus round up if booking via AirBnB (sorry, but we're otherwise as inexpensive as we dare be)
add 2.75% if paying any balance-due by card (-vs- cash ... sorry, no checks)

So in essence, those avoiding fossil-fueled transport completely will save $10 up-front, and $10/night!

And overall, the nightly rate decreases over the first few days,
reflecting the relative ease of having someone stay for a longer period.
A flat, nightly rate does not cut it here.

Air' patrons are certainly welcome to book through that service,
or work direct with us via e-address below and save ~15% in total.
Absolutely your choice!

If this is confusing so far, perhaps looking at a couple of price scenarios will help.

We'll generally prefer to fill a Bedroom first, because having folks in the Loft begs a bit of tip-toeing around, early & late, lacking audio privacy (though it has visual privacy). But if it's open, and that's what you want... it's yours.

One's stay is not secured until we receive ~1/3rd the anticipated total as a deposit.
Refund for a cancellation is subject to our discretion ... quite probably "none" if you only notify us at the last minute.
'Can do PayPal as "family or friends", or a mailed check (if far enough in advance to clear), but be aware that while the former is ~instantaneous, the latter might subject you to getting bumped if not timely enough.
Balance due upon arrival.
Guests pay full-fare up-front, and only expect reimbursement --post stay-- for any trips avoided, if coming/going via fossil-fueled conveyances.
Additional fossil-fueled trips (beyond the included one-per-day) must be reconciled daily.

Sorry, we're not able to accommodate your pet. Please don't even inquire.
Our often-free-ranging poultry need to do so w/o fear of fangs, etc..

Not able to accomodate tabacco smokers. Please don't even inquire.
Likewise, we don't tolerate perfumes, colognes, scented deoderants, patchouli oil, etc..
Please plan to arrive w/o these kinds of smells on your person.

As for availability, drop us a note (e-addr below). Be advised that we're presently not booking more than just a few weeks out in advance, though it might not hurt to inquire ... 'can maybe do some "penciling-in".

Please time your first arrival to be before darkfall...
Don't book with us unless you can abide by this timing constraint.
'Pretty weary of guests pestering neighbors after-hours, because they couldn't figure out where they're supposed to be, etc..
We'll send you very detailed instructions once you book.
We don't have a front desk staffed by an all-night attendent, value our sleep, and you'll be far more adept at navigating the tilting & uneven terrain in the daylight. 'Encourage having a flashlight ready if you intend to park below and hike up our footpath after dark.

If seriously interested in staying with us, you must first review our
House Instructions, Rules, & Conventions
'Not for the faint of heart, as this isn't your typical home.
Open-book exam given at door (only half-way joking).
We turn people away that can't abide.

Contact e-address (the '+" is literal!):

Please be sure to include enough relevant info about yourself/selves so that we can easily distinguish you from spambots, else we won't bother to respond.
We can follow-up on the phone, once it's established you're for-real, etc..

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